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's actions will be analyzed. but here is what i believe if javon belcher didn't possess a gun. he and sandra perkins would be alive today. >> gretchen: i don't know it is interesting. you can't say that. when people want to kill other people . there is a lot of ways to do it i don't know. would the rage come out in a different way? would he have strangled her? i don't know if anybody knows quite frankly and it is dangerous to kind of make personal predictions when you don't have the facts . no one will know whether or not he would have killed her with or without a gun. >> brian: people with guns can get them. >> steve: he had them legally. >> brian: illegally? >> steve: legally. >> brian: i just don't know it is appropriate enough less than 24 hours after the guy took his girlfriend and mother of his baby to make that stance. i don't think we needed to hear that last night. >> steve: i think you are right. 10 after the top of the hour. >> gretchen: a dope smuggler rams his boat in a another boat. the coast guard intercepted two boats believed to be carrying marijuana. one of the drivers ran
with ourselves, the answer is no. >> president obama made a call to action that was received well by the towns people. they were emotional in the prayers and speeches. one man said he hopes president obama will follow through to make sure something that happened here on friday never happens again. >> peter: it is time to take the mass out of mass murder . >> gretchen: so many issues to discuss. vilen video games and mental illness and gun control and i mean. >> peter: the television and culture itself. it is hardened. >> gretchen: we don't know what the answer is if it is a conglomeration of them. there is an amazing story of many that is coming out of the one particular first grade class where every 15 child except for one little girl . how does a six year old little girl have the understanding to play dead and pretepped she was shot and dead so that the shooter will leave her alone. that's what one six year old did and their family is feeling survivor guilt but she is alive. >> brian: she walked out from the building with blood on her . she said i am alive but my friends are dead. >> peter:
. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. viagra. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management >> brian: we are on waist watch this morning. not steve but maybe joels. it is the number of people collecting disability. currently 8.8 american workers are collecting disability. 1960 455,000 that's it. what happened to the healthy worker? >> steve: so are more people sick and disabled or are we wasting more money. joining us right now is radio talk show host and talking about a nation of moocherings. good morning to you, charlie. >> good morning. >> steve: has the number of people on disability gone up because they are moochers or more people need help? >> you have to ask yourself. we have had an epidemic of disability or dependency. it grown so much faster than the work force and the population of this country. as you point out
to say this one. >> steve: ymca? why? i've even him in action. why? why? >> gretchen: while these guys are practicing the dance moves, let's do some headlines. fox news alert, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake rocked japan, triggering a small wave. this sent many people scrambling to higher ground. new video shows buildings shaking all over the place. this is the same exact region, unfortunately, hit by that massive quake and tsunami in march 2011. right now there are no reports of major damage or injuries. >>> the day after hunters found two bodies in the woods iowa, the mother of one of the missing girls confirms it is her daughter and her niece. a vigil was held last night to remember nine-year-old elizabeth collins and 11-year-old lyric cook. the girls disappeared in july while riding their bikes. >> at this time, law enforcement is confident based upon evidence at the scene and preliminary investigation, that the bodies found yesterday are those of lyric cook and elizabeth collins. >> gretchen: yet a a positive id needs to be made bay medical examiner and hopefully we'll find out what ha
in the entire state of arizona. what kind of personal reaction did you have to newtown that spurred the action that you are now taking especially with having the past experience. >> i think that newtown overwhelmingly upseting to everybody that saw it. it is the most terrible thing imaginable and we can't do nothing in response. we shouldn't do something that causes more trouble than it cures . we can't do nothing. the best way and the middle way and the way to help solve the problem without creating new problems is train one person in the school and hoe's highly train that person could have a gun locked up and available for use to stop somebody who is doing bad things. >> kelly: tom horne in utah and kansas you can carry a weapon on the school if you have a permit. thank you tom horne, good day to you, sir . we'll follow that story. pushing parents . this girl got a restraining order against mom and dad because they wouldn't leave her alone at school . the epa chief resigned and the reason may be a cover up. stewart varney will weigh in and happy birthday to my good friend. we don't get to se
action. viagra. >> brian: time for your shot of the day. this is channeled letter and cooper osborne. they have marshalled autopsy great effort in colorado to raise money for sandy victims. trying to rebuild, so everyone that donated money would sign this poster and then they took the money, $620, and mailed it to the red cross and then what they did is rolled it up -- >> steve: how long is that? about three feet long? >> brian: let's see. everybody that gave money in colorado in that area -- >> gretchen: that's longer than three feet. i'm 5' 3. >> brian: they all have nice phrases on there, stay strong, god bless you. you're in our prayers. >> steve: trust. it will be okay. >> brian: yeah. this is fantastic. colorado springs cares. so everyone in the new york, new jersey area. >> gretchen: that's fantastic. that's at least -- >> brian: kids are doing it. which is amazing. >> gretchen: $620? >> brian: over to the red cross. >> steve: from kids, that's great. every little bit helps. hey, good morning to you. >> gretchen: hi there. >> steve: how are you? >> gretchen: what are we talkin
for back rent. just keep watching to see what happens. so far action it's operating as a mosque. >> steve: mosquerade was our headline. >> gretchen: coming up next, it's still living at mom and dads in your 30s, is that normal or is that nutso? dr. keith ablow knows because he's a psychiatrist. >> brian: billy joel sang about that. first on this day in 2003, "heyya" by outcast was the number one song. i believe they said it differently. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with uimited talk and text. by htc for $49.99. >> gretchen: got to will have this question, am i normal or am i nuts? don't answer that. it's a question everyone asks once in a while. it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. joining us now to answer the e-mails you send us, psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. all right. let's get right to it. >> okay. >> gretchen: here is e-mail number one, pining for an ex-husband. i'm devastated by the ne
: now for commentary action brian and steve. here she is and all the crew. pose not guilty a bikini in a boat headed for antarctica. the temperatures reportedly hit 35 degrees below zero. come on. if it's 35 degrees below zero, steve, you and i both know this, she's not in a swim suit 'cause you got to cover your body. >> steve: she needs a new agent because if that swim suit job she go, that's just wrong. >> brian: is that from tmz? i couldn't really see the logo inform me neither. >> gretchen: you were looking elsewhere. >> steve: 7:10 in new york city. it only costs $100. so why is medicare charging nearly $1,000 for a back brace? that story infuriating straight ahead. >> brian: then stuart varney says there is something really familiar about the fiscal cliff deal being offered by the white house. from the unions. >> steve: jimmy fallon, good morning. >> political news here. yesterday president obama and john boehner talked about the fiscal cliff for 45 minutes, but the white house will not release a transcript of their conversation. however, they did offer to are joe biden reena
the way what was he trying to buy his son? a poseable action figure, turbo man, tickle me elmo or lincoln last days. >> turbo man. >> there must be a turbo man around here somewhere. the last one just left. >> sorry, buddy. >> steve: you know that sock song 12 tase of christmas. >> bill: on the third day of christmas. >> steve: my true love gave to me. >> bill: that stupid hat. >> steve: what does the partridge in a pear tree symbolize? war on christmas animals? star of bethlehem, jesus or the magi. >> jesus. >> bill: jesus is a pear now. >> england prohibit from any practice of faith in private or public they would refer to religion things in code and jesus was the partridge in a pear tree. >> bill: i was supposed to know that? what an uplifting christmas question when henry the eighth was beheading all the catholics they thought jesus was a bird so they could live. and a merry christmas to you, doocy. >> thanks very much. >> bill o'reilly, thank you very much. >> any time. >> steve: for gracing us with your wisdom. >> brian: that is so fantastic. >> gretchen: so great he wasn't out of c
of action regarding immigration, i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit and keep in mind the contribution of immigrants. >> gretchen: interesting. so he gave this speech at a conference focusing on immigration and economic growth which his institute co-sponsored. who better to respond to that than his former press secretary, dana perino. what did you make of his speech? >> i thought it was really good. one of the issues that i worked on when i was the deputy to tony snow was immigration reform in 2007. there was a big push that president bush had. he tried to get this bill done. i remember we used to ask tony snow to go out and -- we would make him go on tv, talk radio, anything 'cause he was such a good communicator on that issue. president bush gave the first domestic policy address from the oval office in may of 2007 and it was on immigration. i'm not surprised that he's doing this now. i'm glad that he is. it's the george w. bush institute plus the dallas federal reserve bank talking about immigration from an economic growth standpoint. but you heard his words, his language isn't one
and unwillingness to call the iran revolutionary guard a terrorist organization and he stepped back from action against iran and he was one of the biggest critics . one telling us that the surge couldn't work. that was always here from chuck hagel. that's not the kind of guy i want leading the defense department>> clayton: yet he has a lot of friends in the senate. >> sure . well liked. you know how they are, it is a buddy club. you hear the criticism out friend and you get in the buddy club and it goes in a different direction. we saw hesitation from not just republicans, but from democrats about this pick. usually if it is a shoe in you hear about it early on. there is equivocation and forceful rebeautal. it is not the right time for hagel. >> clayton: peat hegseth. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> clayton: head of the nra said call me crazy. but doubling down on armed security guards in all schools. is that a good idea? we report and you decide. a special christmas message and have we forgotten the reason for the season? ♪ ♪ lso find us in person, with dedicated support te
's actions were very divisive as part of this community and also dangerous. publication of these names and addresses of individuals who possess guns gives them a list to any criminal of the houses who have guns in case they want to find a low security environment in which to go and steal weapons. new york has a problem with terrorist cells. so we also know which houses don't have guns. this is a severe danger to the community that this newspaper has brought about. >> gretchen: like i'm thinking, let's say now that somebody goes to rob one of these homes that they know they don't have guns, let's say something horrible happens, do those homeowners then have a lawsuit against the newspaper? >> you know, i don't necessarily think so. but i do think it would be smart for the homeowners and the gun owners to give notice to the newspaper that they fear for their security and their safety, that of their families and they would ask their -- the names and addresses be unpublished for purposes of safety. that's the minimum they can do at this point and ask for a written response from the newspap
: let's hope there is some action. the pain unbearable in connecticut. five more victims of the sandy hook massacre will be laid to rest later today. katherine hubbard, ann marie murphy, lauren russo, benjamin wheeler wheeler and allison. this as we learn more about the shooter and perhaps a motive. peter doocy live with the latest. >> good morning. there is a report in today's dan did bury, connecticut news times that says a few years ago, adam lanza really wanted to join the marines, but his mom, nancy, shot him down when she reminded him he didn't like to be touched and at the got hurt, a medic or doctor would have to touch him to help him to make him better. now, this is coming as authorities are telling us they really might not have that much of a digital foot print to follow in this case. the hartford current is reporting adam lanza made few, if any calls from his cell phones and destroyed his computer in a way that will make it hard to get anything off it so they may never know about any potential warning on-line or what he was looking at on his computer before friday. authorit
, brian. that rhetoric is wholey unfortunate, it's inappropriate with those actions were. i don't believe that representative, either of the good people in michigan, as you saw those protests, we know that many protesters were literally trucked in from out of state. so we don't know whether that violence and those actions were even michigan people doing that. what we did see and what bothered me most were union leaders and democrat leaders referring to michigan's hard workers as free loaders. that's what i think is most inappropriate. michigan workers get up every day to literally build, grow and make michigan a fantastic state. they deserve much better respect than that. >> brian: there was a referendum on the ballot to make michigan a permanent union state. how did that go? >> it was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters of our state. it was an overreach and i think the voters spoke very clearly against putting that in our state constitution. >> brian: how do you defuse the anger, if the majority of people are in your camp on this, how do you defuse the anger before the 10 to 15 at leas
, they have got no action and so they decided to take the gamble and go public . boy, this story took off . we contacted the state department and our ambassador, you name it and president obama, janet naacp, we have reached out to everyone and thanks to our colleagues in congress. 30 minutes co-stined letters to naacp and clinton,ing -- napal tanio to bring him home. >> gretchen: it is not like the taliban has him. this is commexco and i understand the drug cartels are in charge of the prisons there. don't we have good enough relations to get him home. >> you would think so especially with a brand new president taking over . we have supposedly good relations with our neighbors. they also lecture us about how badly we treat illegal immigrants which is burch of a balony and yet they have an american hoar incarcerated. he is chained to his bed. this is told to me by mexican authorities. why ? they had to take him out of the general population after the extortions and beatings. they have him in an area away from the general population. they have to chain this marine to the bed to make sure he will
tarp. but after it went through t went north to 10,000 to 6600. last year action debt ceiling. july 29, the president sign it is august 2. august 5 we collapse because s & p down grades us. we still need something that doesn't insult the senses completely. listen, we're all going to suspend disbelief for a little bit with respect to whatever comes up. but it can't be so obvious that it does nothing but move the needle a few months away. >> steve: it does look like we're going to get downgraded. >> because ultimately we have to take medicine. >> steve: charles, thank you very much. >> alisyn: let's get to your headlines. america passes a new law that cracks down on human rights abusers, from russia coming here. so russian president putin's response, well, he's supporting a ban on americans adopting russian children. putin admits most americans who look to adopt are honest and decent, yes he defended parliament's legislation, claiming it's a reasonable response. and the u.s. should not be concerned with russian issues. >> steve: the company o i wouldn't by lobby lost its appeal to be exe
watch on the webyvç ca, times square or download the app and you get all the behind the scenes action, a lot of stuff you don't get to see on television. >> that sounds great. so again, if you're coming out to new york city here, please bundle up. it will be a cold one. thank you so much for talking to us a little bit about the celebration coming up tonight here in times square. happy new year to you. and back in the studio, there is going to be something we're watching. we'll tell you more in the next hour. a storm could bring rain and snow to some areas coming up tonight at midnight, back to you in the studio. >> dave: rain in times square would be miserable. >> clayton: thank you so much. coming up on the show, a health scare for hillary clinton and this is serious. we're live outside her hospital with an update on her condition and that blood clot. >> juliet: then a plan to ease regulations and help small business suddenly gets shelfed. why? what does it mean for american job creators. we'll talk about that next [ hudson ] we're human. we fall down. we gain weight. and we get back
. what was he trying to buy his son? a poseable action figure. tickle me elmo, turbo man or a copy of lincoln's last day, the perfect gift for kids at christmas. >> turbo. >> that's right. >> yes. arnold, turbo. christmas. >> must be a turbo man around here somewhere. >> the last one just left. very funny. >> no!. >> hey. >> this is war. >> this is our final question. >> excellent. >> you know that soon, 12 days of christmas. >> on the third day of christmas. >> my true love gave to me. >> that stupid hat. >> there is only one hat. there is not three hats. in the strong, 12 days of christmas, what does the partridge in a pear tree symbolize? war on christmas animals. [laughter] the star of bethlehem. jesus or the maji? >> magi. >> jesus. >> jesus is a pair now? is that what he is? >> at a time in england when catholics were prohibited from practice of their faith in private and public and referred to religious things in code and jesus was the partridge. >> what an uplifting christmas question. when henry viii was beheading all cat thicks they thought jesus was a bird so they could
. you like the fact that you can take your training and put it into action. when your second tour in afghanistan, what happened that got you a call from the president when you were stationed in italy? >> my unit battle company, we were in a near ambush and there was 18 of us. everyone was doing everything they could. the majority of the shooting was done by all the people around me, which allowed me the freedom of movement. the taliban were trying to take a prisoner, soldier joshua brennan was shot several times and he was still alive and they were carrying him away. as i ran forward, i eliminated the threat and i grabbed sergeant brenner and brought him back to our line, as everyone else continued to fight. it's difficult for me to sit here alone because there are so many great people that are the reason why i'm here. i didn't look out for myself. they looked out for me. and two great men lost their lives that night. >> gretchen: what was it like for you to know that you had been bestowed this amazing honor that no living person has achieved since the vietnam war? >> it kind of h
is a call to action. >> right. thank you so much. >> brian: all right. thanks. we'll stay on this. next, a man with a special message in newtown. heaven is for real. how does he know? because he was there for a week. he's seen it with his own eyes. his book is number two across the planet. then we've been following this story for weeks. should toy makers create an easy bake oven for boys? the decision is in marching band] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else? gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent m
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or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. clayton: news by the numbers, christmas edition. here it is. 48%, that is how many kids hope to wake up to an ipad from santa this morning underneath their tree. i'm answering your tech questions about them at clayton morris on twitter. so people writing about the ipads they just got. next up, 137 million, that is how many gallons of milk santa drank last night. delivering gifts to homes around the world. 4 million gallons of milk every hour. finally 38 million. that is how many calories santa ate last night all from the cookies you left out, the peanut butter blossoms. rick: man, he must be full. some people are busy trying to erase christmas from our culture. one church in the south is keeping christmas alive of, literally, with people singing fromits branches. fox news radio's todd starnes has more. bellview baptist church here in memphis has the reputation for doing big things. they have three big crosses. they have a big bible verse. they have a big
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)